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We only hire Funktion One systems from Res 5 down to F101's for more information about Funktion One go to . Our system are used in most of the best clubs in Ireland and are hired for festivals and music events all over Ireland. We are passionate about sound and Aim to deliver top quality audio for all types of events. Systems start from as a little as €200 per night. Achieving the best possible audio quality is the principle motivating factor at Funktion One. We are intent on sonic accuracy and our technological approach avoids the use of both system EQ (with its inherent phase and headroom problems) and compression driver mid-range (with its inherent harshness and distortion). Our loudspeaker systems also have excellent directional control allowing sound to be focused where it's needed and minimising out-of-venue environmental impact.

Sound Hire Dublin

  • Sound Hire with Acoustic Audio and Funktion One
    Sound Hire with Acoustic Audio and Funktion One

Acoustic Audio Sound Hire Dublin a Funktion-One distributor

Acoustic Audio is Ireland's longest established Funktion One Distributor speakers. For sales and hire or sales of Sound Equipment contact us today.

Acoustic Audio and Funktion-One, Sound Hire Dublin

Here at Acoustic Audio we don't sell boxes we design and install solution for bars, clubs and live music venues using hi end product including Funktion-One

Acoustic Audio a Funktion-One a pro Sound Hire

Acoustic Audio Funktion-One system have been supplied to some of the top venues in Ireland including TriPod, Copan, Cafe En Sein and Thundrroad Cafe + Meny more

Sound Hire Dublin by Acoustic Audio

For sales and hire of Funktion One speakers and Amplifies